Festival Packages

Festivals 2017

Punakha Drubchen Punakha Mar 04, 2017 Mar 06, 2017 Punakha Tshechu Punakha Mar 07, 2017 Mar 09, 2017 Chhorten Kora Trashi Yangtse Mar 12, 2017 Mar 28, 2017 Tharpaling Thongdrol Bumthang Mar 12, 2017 Gasa Tshechu Gasa Apr 03, 2017 Apr 06, 2017 Zhemgang Tshechu Zhemgang Apr 04, 2017 Apr 07, 2017 GOMPHUKORA Trashi Yangtse [...]

Wangdue Festival

Wangdue Phodrang in central Bhutan is known for the Lozeys or the ornamental speeches. Some of the notable lozeys are the sorrows of Gaylong Sumdar Tashi, who was sent as a monk and that of Pemai Tshewang Tashi who served as an official at the Dzong. The Dzong serves as the administrative centre and was [...]

Ura Yakchhoe

Ura valley in Bumthang is known for its famous dance known as the Ura Yakchoe. This festival that is held annually in the month of May is a festival where a sacred and an important relic is put on display for the people to receive blessings. Myth has it that one day an old woman [...]

Trongsa Festival

Trongsa, the sacred and the temporal heart of the country is a two days journey from Thimphu. Situated in central Bhutan and once the seat of power over central and eastern Bhutan, both the first and second kings of Bhutan ruled the country from this ancient seat. All four kings were invested as Trongsa Penlop [...]

Trashigang Festival

Trashigang is the largest district in the country and the bastion of the Tshanglas, the aboriginal inhabitant of the district. The dzong that sits majestically on a ridge overlooking the Dangmechu and the Gamrichu was built in 1651 and over the years has played crucial roles as the Administrative headquarter of the district. It also [...]

Thimphu Festival

One of the biggest festivals is the Thimphu Tshechu, held in the capital city for three days starting from 10th day of the 8th month of lunar calendar. Before the actual tshechu that is being witnessed by thousands of people from the capital city and the nearby Dzongkhags, days and nights of prayers and rituals [...]

Takin Festival

Takin Festival will be held every year in Gasa to showcase Bhutan’s rich natural heritage, raise awareness on conservation of biodiversity, create avenues and strive towards financial sustainability of the park management, provide off-season ecotourism opportunities to the tourism sector, and provide supplemental income opportunities to the park residents, specifically the upland communities. Jigme Dorji [...]

Sakten Festival

Sakten valley in eastern Bhutan under Trashigang Dzongkhag is another valley inhabited by a semi-nomadic people known as the Brokpas. Situated at the height of above 3000 meters, the valley remains untouched by the influence of the outside world. Living close to nature in the pristine wilderness, the Brokpas sustain through yak rearing and animal [...]

Punakha Festival

Punakha is located in the western part of Bhutan and it is the winter home of Chief Abbot of Bhutan, the Je Khenpo. Punakha played great importance in the history of Bhutan during the time of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel in 17th century. Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal is known as the unifier of Bhutan as a nation [...]

Pema Gatshel Festival

Pema Gatshel is one of the six districts in eastern Bhutan and one of the newly established Districts. Untill its establishment as an independent District, Pema Gatshel was administered from Mongar, Trashigang and Samdrup Jongkhar districts. It borders Trashigang to its north, Samdrup Jongkhar to its south and Mongar to its east. Its major inhabitants [...]

Paro Tshechu

The Paro tsechu in spring is a major attraction in Paro district. People come from neighbouring districts to participate in the festivity. On the final day, the best time to go is early in the morning as the monks of the Paro Dzong prepare to display a giant appliqué thangkha, the Guru Throngdel, inside the dzong. Day 1: (inside the dzong) Dance of [...]

Nomad Festival

Wangchuck Centennial Park will be organizing the Annual Nomads’ Festival at the Head Office Ground at Nasiphel, Chhokhortoe geog in Bumthang. The Nomads’ festival will showcase the tradition and culture of the nomads including dairy products, handicrafts, weaves, and nomadic way of life. It will also have other major attractions like traditional games-soksum, degor, pungdo, [...]

Nimalung Festival

Nimalung Lhakhang is located in Chumey in Bumthang. It is approximately a 15 minute drive from the road that branches off from the village of Chumey. The Lhakhang was co-founded by Dasho Gonpo Dorji and Doring Trulku Jamyang Kunzang, the third mind reincarnation of Terton Jigme Lingpa in 1935. Doring Trulku visited Bhutan from Kham [...]

Mongar Festival

Mongar in eastern Bhutan is largely known as the “Bastion of the Zhongarps,” after the illustrious Dzongpons of Zhongar that played significant role in the history of Bhutan. One can still see the ruins of the Zhongar Dzong next to the highway in Lingmethang before reaching Mongar. The main inhabitants are the Tshanglas and the [...]

Merak Tshechu

Merak valley in eastern Bhutan under Trashigang Dzongkhag is a unique valley inhabited by a semi-nomadic people known as the Brokpas. Situated at the height of 3000 meters, the valley remains untouched by the influence of the outside world. Living close to nature in the pristine wilderness, the Brokpas sustain through yak rearing and animal [...]

Lhuenste Festival

Lhuenste is one of the easternmost districts in Bhutan that borders with the autonomous region of Tibet. It is the ancestral home of our Kings and hosts a number of important and sacred monuments. The most important amongst others is the Dzong that sits majestically on a ridge overlooking the Kurichu river. A small hermitage [...]

Kurjey Festival

The temple is located at Kurjey in the Chokhor valley in Bumthang district. It is 15 minutes drive from Chamkhar town. Kurjey Monastery The history of the temples at Kurjey is associated with Sindhu Raja and Guru Rinpoche. Sindhu Raja invited Guru Rinpoche from Nepal to Bhutan. Upon invitation, Guru Rinpoche visited Bumthang and meditated [...]

Haa Summer Festival

The 2nd Haa Summer Festival will be celebrated on the 9th – 10th July 2012.It offers a lively and uplifting combination of traditional living culture, nomadic lifestyle, demonstration of Bhutanese cuisines, processing of local Ara (drink), traditional sports, religious performance, dances, songs, artifacts, and natural alpine flowers. You can also stay the night at one [...]

Gomphu Kora Festival

Gomphu Kora lies in the heart of the agrarian belt of eastern Bhutan. It is 23 kilometres from Trashigang Dzong, the headquarters of Bhutan’s most populous district, and two kilometers from Duksum, a quaint hamlet consisting of a few shops. Gomphu means “Meditation Cave” and Kora means “Circumambulation”. The name is derived from a cave [...]

Chorten Kora Festival

Chorten Kora is located in Trashiyangtse, the easternmost district of Bhutan. One can reach Trashiyangtse after two hours drive fromTrashigang following the banks of Dangmechu and Kholungchu rivers. The Chorten (Stupa) was built by Lama Ngawang Loday in 1740 in memory of his late uncle, Jungshu Pesan and also to subdue a demon that lived [...]