Merak Tshechu

Merak valley in eastern Bhutan under Trashigang Dzongkhag is a unique valley inhabited by a semi-nomadic people known as the Brokpas. Situated at the height of 3000 meters, the valley remains untouched by the influence of the outside world. Living close to nature in the pristine wilderness, the Brokpas sustain through yak rearing and animal husbandry. Farming is virtually non-existent, and bartering is still the norm of economy amongst the Brokpas. They barter their Yak products for food grains and other daily necessities with the neighbouring Tshanglas.

Their attire is also unique all woven out of Yak hair and sheep wool. Their culture is also different where a single woman can marry more than one husband. In fact it is a common norm amongst the Brokpa women to marry all the brothers in a family. They are also fun loving and enjoy merry making with lots of festivities. Indeed, they love music and dance and attending tshechus.

The Merak tshechu that is organized annually for three days at the Merak Lhakhang situated just next to the village provides the Brokpas with the much needed respite from their daily cattle herding routine. Beside the dances that are performed throughout the Dzongs and Lhakhangs, the Brokpas also feature their unique dances known as Ache Lhamo and the Yak dance. Both these dances are exclusive to the Brokpas and have drawn a lot of visitors to witness them.