Sakten Festival

Sakten valley in eastern Bhutan under Trashigang Dzongkhag is another valley inhabited by a semi-nomadic people known as the Brokpas. Situated at the height of above 3000 meters, the valley remains untouched by the influence of the outside world. Living close to nature in the pristine wilderness, the Brokpas sustain through yak rearing and animal husbandry and are fun loving people.

The Sakten tshechu is organized annually for three days at the Sakten Lhakhang situated just next to the village. The tshechu provides the Brokpas with the much needed time to entertain themselves and drown in some sort of spirituality. They also witness the Yak dance and the Ache Lhamo dances besides the usual mask dances. One can come across the Brokpas dressed in their finery and enjoying the revelry with rounds of ara (local wine) being served.