Nomad Festival

Wangchuck Centennial Park will be organizing the Annual Nomads’ Festival at the Head Office Ground at Nasiphel, Chhokhortoe geog in Bumthang.

The Nomads’ festival will showcase the tradition and culture of the nomads including dairy products, handicrafts, weaves, and nomadic way of life. It will also have other major attractions like traditional games-soksum, degor, pungdo, zigdum, khuru, archery in traditional bows, horse riding, yak riding, and dances by the Nomads’ and local community besides hordes of Bumthang cuisines like Zambuli, khuli, puta, pin etc.

Visitors interested in trekking can do so along the recently restored Orochhoto and Nganglhakhang-Tandingang (popularly called Bumthang cultural trek) trail. Accommodation, food, and hot stone bath facilities are available in the farm houses at reasonable rates. During the three day mega event hygienic food stalls put up by public will cater to the visitors.

The festival will also have representatives from the various Renewable Natural Resource (RNR) sectors showcasing newer farm technologies, machines, and products.
Bumthang is now connected by Air from Paro and Yonphula . Nasiphel is 1 hour drive from Bumthang. Bumthang has other attractions like Kurjay monastery, Jambay monastery, Mebartsho(Burning lake), Ogyenchholing museum(Tang), Wangdichholing palace etc. beside others.

For further information please contact Wangchuck Centennial Park at 00-975-3-631700 or e-mail at